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We unify technologies with premium Publishers to enable Advertisers reach audiences in a SAFE and MEASURABLE massive inventory I am a human


We are a technology and insights geared digital media hub which integrates media expertise, technology and data management power, massive reach along with creativity. Our goal is to monetize the digital audiences for Publishers and to fulfil the needed KPIs for Advertisers

An arsenal of top-notch Technology Vendors, Digital Inventory and Brands

The leading premium programmatic marketplace in Greece

  • 110+ Web Sites
  • 2 Billion impressions monthly
  • Premium Publishers
  • Advanced audiences targeting
  • High Impact Creatives
  • Brand Safe
  • Measurable
  • Exceedingly performing in all metrics

Powered by & Measured and audited by &
Exclusive representation of Greek and International premium digital inventory
All-inclusive digital media services

  • Direct & Programmatic
  • Native content
  • Bloggers
  • Creative formats
  • Social media
  • Leads Gen


Our Platforms & Optimization function is built on advanced technology, exceptional skillset and a wealth of data. It is structured and oriented to provide better and holistic service, to tap into new trends and to maximize the value to our clients

What’s in it ?

  • Research and evaluation of new technologies
  • Technology vendors management and integration
  • Performance optimization - Data Mining
  • Ad Trafficking
  • Ad Operations
  • Design & Development of creative formats

Connect with the Right Consumer

  • Contextual clustering & Audience segmentation to deliver Behavioral Predictive Targeting.
  • 650+ clusters powered by (integrated in PPN publishers)
  • Deliver your message to the right person through advanced reach of consumers available through programmatic buying
  • Location based
  • Semantic contextual
  • Keywords Search
  • Mobile Device specific
  • Various Whitelists
  • Retargeting

Native advertising

Fuse the Brand story into content to engage consumers
A wide-ranged offering in native content encompassing:
  • Advertorials, long forms, product reviews
  • Experts in verticals and topics
  • Content and Video production
  • Content Distribution – direct and programmatic
  • in-Read and in-feed programmatic native ad units
  • Personas/publishers as Brand advocates


Premium Ad Moments

We embrace innovation and technology to provide the most engaging, high-impact premium ad formats and we deliver creativity backed up by the leading One by AOL: Creative and Celtra design studios
  • A portfolio of 20 ready-made templates of Rich Media and a strong roadmap of new formats
  • A team of developers and designers to support product strategy and custom-made requests
  • Future-proof and worldwide tested design studios